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How Important Pre-board exam is?

Pre-board exams will be very help-full for your upcoming board exams but most of the student doesn’t take it seriously because they know that these marks are not going to affect their main exams marks but from your pre-board exams you can find out your weakness before your mainboard exams and you can work, prepare and fix on it, if you will do good in your pre-board exams then confidently you will get high marks in your board exams because pre-board exams is harder than your board exams, so that much important your pre-board exam is in your exams life.

An easy way to Prepare
1. NowadMathematics Coaching  Port Blairays we have many options and many ways to learn and work on it through technology we can, internet questions, internet books etc.

2. Always ask question and answer from the teacher which you don’t understand.

3. Do tick marks on important questions.
4. Do practice as much as you can if you are not able to remember some answers then write and practice on it, writing will help you to remember answers.

5. Don’t study alone always try to study with some people it will be helpful for you.

6. Always give time to your hobbies from your hobbies your mind and body will be fresh, cool and energetic.

7. Revise your syllabus on daily basis.

8. Check your previous question papers and practice on it.

9. Always remember don’t waste your time on those question which you don’t remember totally these question will give you more tension than anything, your mind can be stuck and you will waste your time.

10. Write neat and clean so the teacher will be able to understand what you wrote and some time teacher happily gives you full marks for the answer.

11. Don’t cram any topic always read and understand the topic.

12. Never overwriting on your answer sheet if you do this, it will affect your marks.

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